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Rent Portable Projector

Rent portable Projector in Singapore made easy by Projector Rental Singapore (PRS). Simply call us and have the projector delivered to you with hassle free installation

Projector Screen Rental

Projector Rental Singapore (PRS) has a wide selection of projectors & projector screens for rental in Singapore. Simply call us to book and rent a projector

Sound System and Speakers Rental

Projector Rental Singapore (PRS) has a wide selection of Sound System and Speakers rental in Singapore.  For instance, we have from budget PA speaker to professional

TV Rental

Projector Rental Singapore (PRS) provides LCD/ LED TV rental services in Singapore. In addition, if you have your own TV, you can save costs by renting

Other Services

We have other peripheral event equipment for rental.  For instance, items like modular stages and platforms, video cameras, fog machines, bubble machines, queue poles, flipcharts and

Event Management

Meet our Event Management Team. We have a team of experienced and highly motivated individuals who will assist you in the creation and development of small

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